AS&P provides services in three pricing tiers: Basic, Advanced and Expert.  A comparison grid can be seen below. To get a custom pricing grid for your franchise, please fill out the form on this page and we'll get back to you AS&P.

Sample AS&P Pricing Grid 01/28/2016 Basic Advanced Expert
Books and records maintained on a cash basis of accounting (Income is recorded when received and expensesare recorded when paid)    
Sales data posted in summary    
Payroll activity recorded from bank statement    
Payments of invoices recorded from bank statement    
Deliver cash basis financial statements    
Report depreciation/amortization based on prior year ends tax return
Month/period end inventory adjusted
Includes the activity of one bank account and one credit card account
Period/month closed and reports issues after the period by the 15th day following the month/period end
Deliver accrual basis financial statements  
Books and records maintained on the accrual basis of accounting (Income recorded when it is earned and expenses when they are incurred)  
Sales data posted on a daily basis  
Gift Card account reconciliation  
Bank account(s) reconciled  
Credit card account(s) reconciled  
Payroll activity recorded from the payroll registers on the date the payroll is due  
Expenses accrued as appropriate  
Accounts payable activity recorded by date of invoice (number of invoices included in package)   30 50
Report depreciation/amortization based on prior years end tax return plus addition of new assets    
Month/period end inventory adjusted and accrued as necessary    

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